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Welcome to the Seventh Guardian of Midnight, a fantasy / sci-fi serial.  Within each chapter of the comic, each day's strip will follow the previous one, though not necessarily in an immediately (chrono-) logical order.  Unless you start reading from the beginning of the chapter, you will not likely understand the day's strip.  Future chapters will also likely reference older chapters at points, and while your understanding of the current chapter may not be dependent upon knowing the archives, that certainly helps.  There may also, at points, be stories and written works that supplement the comic, although, again, those aren't necessary to an understanding of what's happening.  Finally, this is not meant to always, or even usually, be a humorous comic.  Although it will have bits and pieces of humor, particularly in the opening chapters, it will also contain its fair share of violence and tragedy.


Note: Upate schedule shall be at least once per week, during the weekend.  If I have more time, there will be bonus updates.


Webcomic of the Month: 

Sea of Insanity - http://fractuslux.keenspace.com

A decidedly wonderful juxtaposition of ancient mythology, modern day man, and exquisite manga-style artwork that I would trade a lung, half my liver, and a kidney for.  The storyline involves a neriad (that's river nymph for the less informed) gifted with unusual intelligence, her newly moved-in roommate who's a normal guy stuck in a decidedly abnormal situation, her psychiatrist who turns into a fish every five hours, and the jealous ex-boyfriend god that every comic needs to round out its cast.  The comic is extraordinarily funny but, as a rather excellent surprise, has turned up with a plot that promises to be quite deep.  A very involving comic that thoroughly deserves your attentions.  



It was brought to my attention that this would be wise.  So here it is.

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