All the images here, thus far, are pictures I've done for others (and a vast majority of it is for the wonderful comic College Roomies from Hell!!! by Maritza Campos).  I'm a rather big fan of fanarting, and it's one of the only ways I think I can honestly show appreciation for comics that I enjoy.  I've currently got a lot of ideas for a bunch of webcomics that I'm entertaining, but between SGMidnight, Organic Chemistry, and work, I'm terribly short on time.  As soon as Chem is over, that will free up a giant block of free space in which I expect leaps and bounds to be made here (provided I don't get distracted by very distracting things like Black and White and so on).  


A note: Only finished works will be posted here.  I generally don't like people staring at the chicken-scratches I call roughs.  


CRFH!!! Fanart: 

CRFH!!! remains my first and foremost-read webcomic and the one to which I devote the most time in terms of fanart, forum posting, and general wackiness overall.  It is undoubtedly one of the zaniest, craziest, most fun places you could be.  I give it my highest recommendations.  These, then, are all pieces (in no particuarly order) that I've done for CRFH!!!  All CRFH!!! characters are copyright Maritza Campos, 2001. 


Gao'uld Roger


Sorceress Queen


Dark Knight



Goddess April




Seductive Margaret

Angelic Blue

Chaos Roger

Paul in the



The Guy Roomies

Blue in a Bathtub

(Dedicated to Derakon 

and Tchernobyl) 

The Girl Roomies



UBT Fanart:

I was browsing on Keenspace when I found Unnatural but True.  It's not your typical comic, and I was drawn to the frank honesty I found there.  After reading the archives, the journal entries, the stories, the rants...well, pretty much everything, I became compelled to do a few pieces of art for it.  All UBT characters are copyright Edouard Kock, 2001.  


Ed and Miktar




Other Comics: 

I'm also currently working on fanart for the following comics.  The ETA on these will probably be several more weeks.     


Blotto Street

Yin and Yang


Boy Meets Boy

Clan of the Cats





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Everything here Copyright Yingzhi Zhang (2001) so on and so forth.

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